With the intention to spread knowledge and encourage people to be creative, playful, and self-expressive with interactive digital media, I am developing a series of workshops around topics such as creating coding and other applied hands-on projects that involve the interesting use of technology. The ultimate objective with these workshops is to make attendees aware of some powerful and openly available toolkits, frameworks, and software development kits, that assist them within the creative process of prototyping and experimentation with soft- and hardware, in an accessible and beginner-friendly manner.

Within the developed workshops so far, and also based on own interests, I focus on building creative applications that use toolkits such as [ Unity ], [ Processing ], [ p5.js ], and [ openFrameworks ]. Most of these workshops are influenced by my teaching and supervision activities as well as overall technology-related experiences. The workshops require different knowledge levels, but are generally designed in a manner that keep them as accessible to the audience as possible. The workshops are addressed to each and everyone who is enthusiastic about interactive digital media, regardless of existing background knowledge in computer science or software development.

Each workshop follows a very practical hands-on approach. Together, we will create applications from scratch using a mixture of live coding and slides, providing important summaries and illustrating the individual workshop's content. Workshop material, such as source code, complementary slides, is published online via [ GitHub ]. Additionally, most of my slides are documented and designed in a way that the workshops can alternatively be conducted independently as a self-study activity.






Ideas for Future Workshops

  • Unity | Building a simple Virtual Reality (VR) App using Unity
  • Unity | Exploring 3D User Interface Design using the Leap Motion Controller
  • Unity | Building Multi-user Applications using WebSockets
  • Processing | Advanced Drawing and Visuals
  • Processing | A Project based on Audio Visual Elements
  • Processing | Working with Processing and Additional Hardware